Benefits Of Rigid Setup Boxes For Your Store

Posted on: 14 August 2023


Are you looking to improve the signage or the overall presentation of various products throughout your store? One option you might want to look into as you take your store to the next level would be to start using rigid setup boxes to create premium displays. Here's what the right rigid setup box can do for you. 

Call Attention to a Specific Product or Sale

A rigid setup box can help you set up a display separate from the rest of your store shelves. You can place it in the middle of a wide aisle where shoppers will be walking by. Shoppers will then notice the product being sold within or on top of the setup box without having to turn down one of the aisles. This could help your store call attention to a product you are trying to move quickly or a product that you have a special promotion on. Customers are more likely to think it's a special sale and might take a second look if they see a separate display like this with its premium presentation.

Use More of Your Floor Space

Because these setup boxes can be used to create displays anywhere you like and not just on a store shelf, you can use more of your available floor space within the store. If you want to carry more inventory but your store doesn't have a ton of space, adding some of these setup boxes may give you additional options for where you can put new products.

Brand Recognition

Your rigid setup box doesn't have to look dull or boring. You can have the outside of the box printed in whatever color you want. You can also print your store logo or other things related to your branding on the box. This can help reinforce brand recognition for your customers, especially if your business is new.

Provide More Product Information

Beyond branding information, you can also use the box to provide additional product information about what is being sold inside the box. This can once again add to the premium presentation but it's also convenient for customers because they can get additional information about the product even if there are no employees around.

Long-Term Durability

If your rigid setup box features store branding instead of specific product branding, you may be able to reuse the box for future displays. These boxes are typically well-built and will last a long time through multiple promotions or sales.

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