Using Decorative Stone In Your Landscaping

Posted on: 5 January 2023


If you are looking for ways to help enhance the appearance of your landscaping. Decorative stone can be a versatile option that may be the right choice for your goals.

Edging In Landscaping Designs

The edging that you have installed around flower beds, along pathways, and in other areas can be an important part of the look of your property. In addition to serving as an effective way of holding the soil in place and creating definition, decorative stones can provide a more natural appearance. Furthermore, natural stone edging is available in a number of different colors, and this can be useful in helping you with finding the right color for the aesthetics of your property. When buying edging, you will have to accurately estimate the length of the area where it will be used. Otherwise, you could accidentally purchase far too little. Fortunately, providers of decorative stone edging can provide the length of these pieces so that you can know how many pieces you will need to order.

Exterior Pathways

Creating pathways through your property can help with making the grounds as easy to navigate as possible. Decorative stone can be one option for these areas as the stones can be used as pavers to create a walkway that people can use. In addition to having a more visually enriching appearance, decorative stone tiles can also be an extremely durable paving option. In fact, these pavers may outlast concrete and asphalt. For those wanting to use smaller decorative stones, there are river rocks and gravel that can be used as well. These materials can be prone to shifting, which will mean that edging should be placed along the entire length of these pathways.

Accent Pieces

The placement of accent pieces in strategic areas of the property can help with breaking up solid areas of the landscaping so that a more varied look can be achieved. These accent pieces can be in the form of single large stones or even arrangements of smaller stones. If you are choosing a large decorative stone as an accent piece, the weight of this stone should be appreciated as it can make it impossible to move without specialized equipment. While a decorative stone supplier may be able to offer delivery and placement of these stones, you will need to prepare the area for this work. More specifically, a clear path will need to be created so that the delivery vehicle can reach the area where the stone will be placed.

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