Tips For Using Dimensional Inspections To Refine Fastener Manufacturing

Posted on: 29 April 2021


Manufacturing fasteners can be a lucrative business because there are so many industries that rely on them for different things. Before you're able to move fastener production along, you need to work with labs that offer dimensional inspections. Then you'll learn helpful details about your fasteners and their makeup. Use these tips with the lab you choose to work with and then these inspection services will turn out meaningful.

Learn how to Read Dimensional Inspection Reports

A lot of important dimensional tests can be performed on fasteners you're trying to bring to market, but in order to make sense of these tests' results, you need to know how to properly read dimensional inspection reports. You want to master this ability before you go forward with a dimensional inspection lab because it will mean more refined assessments.

Get accustomed to the type of data and figures shown in these reports, as well as understanding the general highlights that you should take away from these reports. The lab can always explain dimensional inspection reports to you, but knowing a lot about them already will ensure you understand their breakdowns even more. 

Inform the Lab About Special Requests

If you have a special request that you want the dimensional inspection lab to consider when performing tests on your fasteners, you need to make sure they know about it well before these services are performed. Just fill out a special form and put in your special requirements.

It may be to have certain dimensional tests performed on your fasteners or creating certain environments for the measurement tests to be performed. Be thorough in explaining these special requests so that you're pleased with what dimensional inspections reveal once they're complete.

Make Sure Every Phase is Properly Documented

There are multiple phases involved in dimensional inspections carried out in a lab setting. Each one matters in how data is collected regarding the fasteners you're looking to manufacture. As a precaution, make sure every phase of the dimensional inspection is documented properly.

You need to know what measurement was used, when it occurred, who carried it out, and what the environment was like. Keeping track of these details will make dimensional inspections more impactful in refining how your fasteners are manufactured.

Making an effort to refine fasteners before they are put through production is key in saving money and ensuring clients end up with an optimal product. Thanks to dimensional inspection services from labs, you can refine fasteners with purpose. These services won't be hard to handle either if you know what information to give these labs and understand how to interpret data once it's given. For more information about working with a dimensional inspection lab, contact a local facility.